What can a college essay be about?

What can a college essay be about?

Your college essay should reflect your opinions and experiences and display clear and critical thinking. It’s more than a list of facts or a highlight reel of successes; it helps college admissions officers understand your character. So show them who you are.

What do you look for in a college?

Academics Aside: 10 Factors to Consider in Choosing a CollegeIntensity of spirit. Maybe you love spirit or, maybe, not so much. Campus location. Consider the distance you’ll be from home, as well as the location of the campus to surrounding cities. Campus size. Housing options. Variety of campus clubs, organizations and Greek life. Religious affiliations. Food. Diversity on campus.

What makes a college stand out?

Most colleges provide statistics showing how many graduates go on to graduate school or a job in their chosen field. Other signs to look for include programs that support internships, service learning, and co-op assignments.