Which country is first in education?

Which country is first in education?

Top ten countries with the best education systems in the world 2020

Top 10 Best Countries for Education
1. The United States The United Kingdom
2. The United Kingdom The United States
3. Canada Canada
4. Germany Germany

How many wars has Pakistan won?

Pakistan never won any war against india. There is four wars happen between india and Pakistan and india won all of them. India never won any war over Kashmir. Pakistan defeated India both in 1948, 1965 & 1999.

What is ranking of Pakistan in beautiful countries?

47 out of 200

Who is better in nuclear power India or Pakistan?

China and Pakistan have more nuclear warheads as compared to India, according to the SIPRI Yearbook 2020. India has 150 nuclear warheads, while China and Pakistan have 320 and 160. The figures are until January. Last year, India had 130-140 warheads, while China had 290 and Pakistan 150-160.

Who won Kargil war?


How many f16 Pakistan has?

Active aircraft

Aircraft Manufacturer Total
Combat Aircraft
F-16 Fighting Falcon General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin 85
JF-17 Thunder PAC, CAC 138
Mirage III Dassault 135

Which city is beautiful in Pakistan?


Is FSc better or A levels?

After comparing the two systems, we present you the conclusion. If you want to study medicine or other related fields then you should choose FSc. However, if you want to pursue a career in business or engineering, then you should choose A-level.

Is Pakistan stronger than India?

India’s army, air force and navy are bigger than those of Pakistan. However, according to Asthana, the limited number of axes of attack, in which the much-touted Cold Start could be employed, tends to make the whole thing quite predictable. There is no scope for any element of shock and surprise.

What is the equivalent of an A level?


Who won 1965 war?

India won 1,920 sqkm of territory; Pakistan won 540 sqkm. 2,862 Indian soldiers were killed; Pakistan lost 5,800 soldiers. India lost 97 tanks; 450 Pakistani tanks were destroyed or captured.

Has Pakistan ever defeated India in war?

Much of the war was fought by the countries’ land forces in Kashmir and along the border between India and Pakistan….Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Date August – 23 September 1965
Territorial changes No territorial changes

What is the rank of Pakistan in world?


Is Pakistan powerful?

Pakistan Army has been ranked the 10th most powerful in the world out of 133 countries on the Global Firepower index 2021, according to data released by the group on its official website. In the annual GFP review of 2021, Pakistan Armed Forces scored 0

Can Pakistan missile hit Israel?

If deployed in the Western parts of the Balochistan province, the range of the Shaheen-3 would for the first time bring Israel within range of Pakistani nuclear missiles.

Is FSc easier than a level?

I taught FSc and A level students from last 15 years and found Fsc is easy if you have Matric Background as you can cover course easily and questions are always form the book you Read in your syllabus. A level is conceptually better for entry test preparations and concepts.

Is Indian education system better than Pakistan?

Country vs country: Education Stats: compare key data on India & Pakistan and Education Stats: compare key data on India & Pakistan compared Education. Ranked 75th. Ranked 4th. Ranked 85th.

What is O level and A level in Pakistan?

O Levels is a secondary school degree offered by the University of Cambridge and is equivalent to Matriculation offered in Pakistan. Consequently, A-Levels is a higher secondary school degree equal to the intermediate offered here, in Pakistan.

Who accepted Pakistan first?

Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan after independence. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the new dispensation.

Which city is most educated in Pakistan?

Top 10 Districts in the Primary School Education Score Index

Rank District/Agency Education Score
1 Tank 98.45
2 Kohat 98.44
3 Bannu 98.19
4 Peshawar 97.50

Which country is best for Pakistani?

These 5 Countries Easily Take Immigrants from Pakistan

  • 1 – Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian visa is by far the easiest visa to get for Pakistani nationals.
  • 2 – The United Arab Emirates. This Arab country is always looking for labor from foreign countries of course they are very rich to be working themselves.
  • 3 – Canada.
  • 4 – United States of America.
  • 5 – Norway.

Who won India vs Pakistan war?

India gained control of about two-thirds of Kashmir; Pakistan, the remaining one-third. Most neutral assessments agree that India emerged victorious from the war, as it successfully defended most of the contested territory, including the Kashmir valley, Jammu, and Ladakh.

What is a level equivalent to in Pakistan?

A-Level is the abbreviation of advanced level. It’s an International degree/certificate, which is considered equivalent to the FA (Faculty of Arts) and F.SC (Faculty of Science). Following 15 are some Top Differences between A-Level &Inter in Pakistan.

How many Pakistani live in Israel?

Pakistani Jews in Israel are immigrants and descendants of the immigrants of the Pakistani Jewish communities, who now reside within the state of Israel. They number between 1,000 and 2,000.

How far can Pakistani missiles reach?

Ballistic Missiles Pakistan deploys two SRBMs: the Hatf-3 and Hatf-4 series. The Ghaznavi (Hatf-3) has a range of 300 km and the Shaheen-1 (Hatf-4) 750 km. The Shaheen-1 is based on the Chinese M-11 (China: Dongfeng-11; NATO: CSS-7).