Which job is best for electrical engineer?

Which job is best for electrical engineer?

Here is a roundup of the top five careers you could pursue as a graduate in electrical engineering along with job type and job description.

  • Principal Electrical Engineer.
  • Electrical Distribution Designer.
  • Aerospace Electrical Engineer.
  • Electrical Project Engineer.
  • Electrical Control Engineer.

Are electrical engineers paid well?

Average base pay for an electrical engineer is currently $67,000-$127,000, according to data compiled by the job search site Glassdoor. In Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019, nearly 20 percent of the top-ranked jobs were in the engineering field.

Is Electrical Engineering a good career?

1. It’s easy to get your first Electrical Engineering job. Graduates of engineering schools start Electrical Engineering careers fairly easily because most employers search for fresh minds with good training. They are glad to get young people they can mould to their own specific needs and turn them into experts.

Can you become rich as an engineer?

Can engineers get rich? A survey done in 2014 by Chef stated that most engineers can expect to become millionaires over the course of their working life. The current median salary for an engineer varies per type of job but can be anywhere from $37,737 to $334,979 per year.

What is the current salary of an electrical engineer?


What kind of jobs can you get with an electrical engineering degree?

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  • Engineer in the Energy Sector.
  • Electronics Engineer.
  • Naval Engineer.
  • Automotive Engineer.
  • Aerospace Engineer.
  • Oil and Gas Engineer.
  • Medical Engineer.

What electrical engineering jobs pay the most?

At the top of the list of highest paying electrical engineering jobs is the systems engineer career path. This specialist serves as an administrator of computer systems, servers, and other electrical hardware that functions as the backbone of major public and corporate networks.