Why is the hate you give so important?

Why is the hate you give so important?

One of the greatest aspects of ‘The Hate U Give’ is that it takes the impersonality out police brutality. In many cases in the United States, when an interaction with police results in a violent outcome, American’s are given the facts without considering the humanity of the situation.

Is The Hate U Give a good book?

Now in its third consecutive week at number one on The New York Times bestseller list for young-adult novels, Thomas’s debut novel offers an incisive and engrossing perspective of the life of a black teenage girl as Starr’s two worlds converge over questions of police brutality, justice, and activism.

Is the hate you give inappropriate?

Parents need to know that Angie Thomas’ New York Times best-selling book The Hate U Give won a 2018 Coretta Scott King Author Honor, a Michael L. There is some swearing, additional violence, sexual situations, and drug use in the book, but it’s not gratuitous.

What does Starr memorize about the police officer?

Starr refers to the cop that shot Khalil as One-Fifteen. During the stop, Starr reminds herself of her father’s advice to remember what the cop looks like and his badge number. In the moment, the first thing Starr notices is the badge number: 115. Next, she assesses the way he looks.

Why did the Starr stop crying during interview with officers?

What caused Starr to stop crying during her interview with the officers? Why does Starr refer to officer Brian as One-Fifteen? The “talk” she had with her parents where she was taught to find the badge number, dehumanization, and the lack of understanding between the communities.

Why did Starr and Khalil get pulled over?

He says there isn’t. The officer shines his light in their faces and asks Khalil for his license and registration. Khalil asks why they were pulled over, breaking the “rules” of how to engage with law enforcement. The increasingly terrified Starr implores Khalil to just do what he says.

What does Natasha’s death reveal about life in Garden Heights?

The explanation of Natasha’s death reveals that Starr has witnessed gun violence before and underscores the danger of life in Garden Heights. The Black Panther party, which Maverick admires and teaches his children about, specifically fought against police brutality.

How does Starr define family in The Hate U Give?

Starr would define family in The Hate U Give as those who do not make her feel out of place. As she feels thoroughly out of place both at home and at school, the main members of her “family” appear to be Khalil and her boyfriend, Chris.

What does Uncle Carlos want Starr to do?

Uncle Carlos, a police officer, wants Starr to testify to the police about the shooting. Lisa worries that Starr needs to recover from her trauma. Maverick worries the police want to justify Khalil’s death. Uncle Carlos insists the shooting wasn’t about race because Khalil was a drug dealer who threatened One-Fifteen.

What conflict arises between Starr and her Uncle Carlos?

What conflict arises between Starr and her uncle, Carlos? Carlos is a black man and a cop, so he sees the issues that Starr is grappling with as rather complicated.

Who calls Starr a coward for not speaking out?

Kenya overhears this and calls Starr a coward for not speaking up more on behalf of Khalil. She says that if Khalil were from Williamson, Starr would be have defended him, and further accuses Starr of abandoning both Khalil and her for the bougie world of her private school.